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Day 13 - Whitewater rafting in the jungles of Ecuador

sunny 80 °F

Headed out about 8:30 a.m. and had a wonderful trip down the Jatunyaku, meaning "Big Water". Decided to take the trip in inflatable kayaks as supposed to be more exciting. Scenery was beautiful!!!!


Home by 3:30 p.m. and short nap and laundry. Decided to attend meeting so headed out to get dinner first. Two examples of how the world really is small among Jehovah's people.

1. On Sunday of the assembly a mother approached me with a request. A delegate from Michigan had delivered to her son , 6 years old, a letter from a little boy in their congregation, also six years old. The point was to have a penpal. However, the letter had nothing indicating how to contact the little boy in Michigan; letter only said, in Spanish, "My name is Eric and I'm 6 years old". The six year old Ecuadorean brother had wrote a letter and prepared a little gift package for the little boy in Michigan and the mother wanted me to get the letter/package to him.....


I accepted the assignment, not knowing how I was going to track down the delegate who brought.... Spent two hours at the assembly walking up and down asking delegates if they knew of another delegate from Michigan and walking with the letter opened up held to my chest, but nothing..... THEN last night here in Tena, a six hour bus ride from Quito, we enter a restaurant to eat before the meeting and I overhear someone using the expression "brothers". Turns out they were JW's and one of the couples were delegates from Michigan..... YEP, they knew the delegates who had brought the letters. ASSIGNMENT SOLVED, now I just need to mail to the couple once we get home.

2. After the meeting a sister came up and Patty said "you look familiar". The sister asked "Is your name Pascale?". They both recognized each other then and starting jumping up and down and screaming. Turn out this sister along with her family (mother, father, two other sisters and a younger brother) had lived in SAN GABRIEL ( a small town north in the country) when we served there. The sister was the oldest daughter and she recalled that Pascale used to help her with her English assignments for school. What does she do now? Teaches English to support her pioneering!!!!!!! Illustrates how little gestures can have a big impact. The family had left San Gabriel before we did and moved to Quito for 14 years and are now in Tena for two years (a full 11 hours from San Gabriel where we knew them). We ended up talking with the family (minus the father who is no longer in truth) for over an hour and they invited us over for dinner on Thursday.


The world really is small within God's organization!!!!!!

On the meeting tonight the instructions indicated a video should be shown (Caleb series). I saw no equipment and so wondered how it would be handled. Turns out no need for fancy equipment, nothing needed but a microphone and a 7" tablet.

On a sad note, I've developed a very bad cough and may have bronchitis, HOPE NOT!!!

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Day 14 - A deluge in the jungle!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

rain 75 °F

I woke up feeling better, but Pascale had not slept well so we decided to cancel our hike to waterfalls and lagoon. Turns out it was for the best, about 45 minutes later the rains started, but I don't just mean rain; but a deluge like someone started pouring water out of a bucket. It would have been a very muddy/messy hike.

It's given me time to catch up on some work and it's now 11:30 a.m. and we'll head out soon to walk around town. Good thing we brought good ponchos!!!! Will update more later.

Walked out to get some cash. Had to return because I forgot the card. Go to ATM and had the CC and not debit card, had to return again. UGH!!!'
Got cash and lunch. Hired a taxi for two hours to show us the jungle around Tena. Some scenery shots.


A little pueblo we drove to in the mountains. We had hoped to hike down to some waterfalls but locals recommended against since it was very muddy/slippery due to rains. You will note the community bathroom.


Some shots from the Hostal where we're staying.


Unfortunately this is a familiar sight. You are walking along a busy/primary sidewalk and you encounter the following. Nothing warning of danger, nothing to protect passerby. Obstacles like this are everywhere!


Finally, an old memory. We were walking around town and noticed this hostal where we had stayed nearly 16 years ago. It was supposed to be the best in town, however after checking in it was so musty that Patty and I had to go down to the truck parked on the street to sleep in the cab. I don't think either of us got a wink of sleep :(


UPDATE: We did bring great ponchos for the trip, however we left them in storage at hotel in Quito. I have a hunch we're going to get very wet tomorrow on our hike to the falls.

I'ts now 9:30 p.m. After dinner we got back to room and found no electricity. A generator had been knocked out in an accident. HOWEVER, 10 minutes later power came back on; very impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodnight.

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Day 15 - A hike in the jungle, beautiful waterfall

rain 77 °F

Headed out for a hike to waterfalls. It was raining hard in the a.m. when we left so expected a wet and muddy trek. And so it was, following helps to provide idea of hiking conditions.


Some of the flowers along the way.


On top of that I was carrying 250 lbs.; and that was before the pack (ha, ha). Probably equal to about 3 months of exercise for me, but somehow we made it and the hike was worth it. Shots along the way.


This is a natural slide worn away by the water of thousands of years. I wanted to give it a try but Patty said NO!


Finally reached the falls, so beautiful!! Best part was the sound (I'll add a few videos now).


Then on to see the monkeys in a nearby town calls Mishualli. First down to the beach area where they were running around. They were even in the park running around. Have some great videos and will post later.


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Day 16 - Last full day in Ecuador, sad and happy

sunny 80 °F

Sad to be leaving Ecuador as we've had a wonderful time!!!! Visiting old friends from the past, the fantastic international assembly, and then finally the beauty and warmth of the jungle. However, we're also excited to see many dear friends and of course family. At the hostal where we're staying there are many who will be in the country 2-3 months and are able to spend several weeks at each location. While tempting, it would be difficult to be away so long!!!

Up and breakfast, then packed up for the trip back to Quito. Took the last few hours to spend some final moments in the jungle and absorb the warmth which will soon be a thing of the past (:

Picked up at 5 p.m. and had a good ride back to Quito. Coming back over the pass at Papallacta (from juntle over andes) Quito looks like a small city down in the valley, hard to believe it's actually at 9,300 feet. Arrived back in Quito at 9 p.m. and ended up getting a room at the some hotel we stayed at during the assembly. We've made arrangements to meet the indigenous family (See Day ??) tomorrow at the airport, very excited to see them.


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Day 17 - Heading home

sunny 65 °F

Up and packing for trip home. We're meeting a family we met here for lunch and then getting to airport early to meet an indigenous family we used to study with. Hopefully we can rekindle their interest in the truth. This will be the last post in Ecuador. I'll make a few additional posts once I'm home to post videos of the international assembly and a few other items once I have better bandwidth. See you all soon.

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2/3/15 - Sorry for delay, I am going to post more videos....

Just busy catching up.....

Please be patient.

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Day 3 - New videos posted

This is where we used to preach, just beautiful!!!!

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Day 4 - New video posted of a A dear friend

A dear, dear friend who has been a zealous pioneer for many years now. Her husband has since been baptized and now has two years as ministerial servant. Very, very proud and happy for them.

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Day 8 - New Videos posted of Preaching Day

The welcome we received was overwhelming, Pascale had to run inside.

This is the meeting for field service. About 10 minutes, but encouraging and get a sense of the spirit and hospitality. Sorry it's dark, but power went off running off generator.

Sisters who served lunch and meal provided.

This is the sister who made the fruit decorations.

I was assigned to preach with this brother, only four months baptized but lots of potential.

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